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Many students have difficulty writing ESSE, although in fact it is not such a "terrible" job. It is necessary to develop the skills of analysis and the ability to argumentatively justify their own opinion, using available data and facts.What is an essay, the essence of the work:An essay is a kind of essay that everyone wrote in school. Perhaps the most difficult thing in this type of work is the originality of ideas and thoughts. As a rule, teachers require completely original work.The author, who writes an essay, shows his logic and ability to present information correctly. In most cases, the style of writing this type of independent work is more conversational.Features of writing an essayBefore starting to write an essay, you should familiarize yourself with the specific features of this type of independent work. The key features of this essay are presented below:1.The structure of an essay is based on a rather narrow topic, which touches on certain issues and encourages t…

How to write a brilliant essay for top universities

Admission to the world's best universities is a long way to go, during which you need to earn good grades, gain maximum English proficiency, develop your talents, and of course, write a brilliant essay that will attract the attention of the admissions committee. So how to write an essay that will be a pass to the top universities of the world, is there a template or a certain scheme? Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question. However, there are a few tips that can be followed to write a really brilliant and effective essay. Why should an essay be given special attention? According to representatives of admissions committees of Ivy League universities, it is an essay that can fully characterize an applicant. The essay, in their opinion, is the brightest document of the whole package of provided papers. It is through your essay that admissions officers will try to see you in the present and determine what you are and what is important to you in life. As is well kno…

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One of the most difficult tasks that students from different faculties face is writing an essay. By this work is meant a small essay in which the author expresses his own opinion. In this case, it is important to preserve the scientific style of narration.
Often, for such an essay is given very complex topics, the reflection on which is not easy. It is impossible to write off a ready essay, but you can order it from specialists. If you do not have time for independent work, or have tried many times unsuccessfully to write it beautifully, it is not a problem. A number of companies offer to buy it to order from experienced specialists at low cost.
Order an essay inexpensively and quicklyThe advantages of cooperation with professionals are obvious: A high level of professionalism. Custom-made work is performed by specialists with extensive experience. Most of the authors are teachers.  If necessary, you can order an essay urgently, online. Performance of complex tasks. We offer to order an…

What is an essay?

We are taught to write essays since childhood, from the first grades. You may not have suspected it, but those same essays on free topics ("How I spent the summer", "What I want to become", "What is school for me") is the first sample pen of a novice essayist. The first experience that you probably have.
Main features of the essay:Small volume: two, three or ten pages - it's up to you. The main thing is to open the topic. And, of course, do not aim at an epic - no one will appreciate your efforts.Free form: up to the spoken word. An essay does not claim to be scientific, does not require an introduction and conclusion, is not divided into chapters and paragraphs. As for stylistics, the author is left with complete freedom of creation. However, it is not necessary to switch to slang and make speech mistakes. Especially if you learn to be a linguist.The presence of a specific topic, which reveals the essay. The topic can be any - from "What I want t…