Why are students asked to write essays?

Most of the educational disciplines in schools and universities, with the aim of developing students' creative thinking and writing skills, include writing formats such as essays and essays.

Distinctive features of the essay and the essay

Despite some similarities, the essay and the essay represent different concepts. They differ in form and structure of writing, have different goal-setting functions. 

The essay is written according to a predetermined plan, and the form of writing usually depends on the type of essay itself - it may be a discussion, description, narrative, analysis of the fiction text, a comparative characteristic of literary images or concepts. The author's task is to reveal the subject superficially, resorting only to objective judgments. The work as a type of written work is set in educational institutions in order to find out whether the student has understood, for example, the meaning of the work read, whether the paper can build logical chains, etc. Such tasks help develop writing and oral skills.

Essays have arbitrary composition. The author determines the sequence and style of presentation of thought and the main thing - expresses his subjective opinion on the problem. The main purpose of writing an essay is to give your own assessment, as well as to encourage the reader to think or dialogue.

Unlike writing an essay, which is usually of small volume, the use of long sentences, terminology, etc. is not encouraged.


What is the reason for the popularity of this essay in the USA?


In the Western education system, including U.S. universities, essays are considered one of the most common types of written assignments. First, about one-third of all coursework is self-study, and a small amount of writing is a convenient and quick way to control what you learn. Second, such assignments teach students to reason, to draw conclusions, and to express their views.


How American students write essays


At U.S. colleges and universities, essays are given throughout the academic year and timely completion is mandatory! However, not all students are good at writing these kinds of essays, and others simply do not have the time to do so, whether it is sports classes, part-time work after class, or even just relaxing with friends. In both cases, students are helped by services, where for a fee you can order writing an essay of any complexity in the specified time. Trusting the task to professionals is sometimes the only way to pass the work in time and get a good grade for it, instead of earning problems and accumulating "tails". 


Learning to write an essay or essays beautifully and competently, bringing to perfection the skills of written speech, is very important, but sometimes it is just necessary to have a "plan B", which will help to save precious time and save in a difficult situation.


5 ways to write a good introductory essay


1. Carefully read the instructions

All universities have their own set of rules for writing admissions essays. The rules may concern design, content, or style, and if you want to succeed in writing an essay, you should read the university's instructions carefully. If you are not careful even with such a simple task, the university may reasonably expect you to fail.


2. a good introduction is half the story.

Any truly successful text should capture the reader from the first paragraph. This is especially useful when your text will be read by the admissions committee, which checks thousands of similar essays per year. Start with an interesting story that reveals your positive sides, unusual and brightly denote the topic to which your essay will be devoted. The main thing - avoid platitudes. At least in the first paragraph.


3. Listen to yourself.

An introductory essay is a way to get to know you from a distance. Be honest and try to show your good sides sincerely, without exaggeration or excessive modesty. Your real thoughts and ideas will please the admissions committee the most.


4. Cliche is your number one enemy.

Before writing your essay you will be offered to read the best works of this type of students of past years. Many are so heavily influenced by these works that they begin to copy phrases, thoughts, and style. Remember that the admissions committee reads thousands of essays a year: your task is to be original and stand out from the crowd, not to follow the gold standard.


5. Make a good plan and do not forget to confirm your ideas with facts.

An essay is a relatively small text, but it will benefit greatly if you plan it well before you start writing. Build your argument gradually and don't forget to back up your key ideas with facts, historical examples or stories from your personal life.

Essay. Examples of essay writing and design



Many students have difficulty writing ESSE, although in fact it is not such a "terrible" job. It is necessary to develop the skills of analysis and the ability to argumentatively justify their own opinion, using available data and facts.


What is an essay, the essence of the work:


An essay is a kind of essay that everyone wrote in school. Perhaps the most difficult thing in this type of work is the originality of ideas and thoughts. As a rule, teachers require completely original work.


The author, who writes an essay, shows his logic and ability to present information correctly. In most cases, the style of writing this type of independent work is more conversational.


Features of writing an essay


Before starting to write an essay, you should familiarize yourself with the specific features of this type of independent work. The key features of this essay are presented below:


1.      The structure of an essay is based on a rather narrow topic, which touches on certain issues and encourages the reader to think.

2.      In contrast to a work that should be as objective as possible, an essay should express the subjective position of the author. A person who writes an essay must, in a manner close to conversational, share his attitude towards a certain issue.

3.      Style of narration - close to a colloquial form. The author of the essay should try to avoid complicated formulations and too long sentences. To give the text the right emotional coloring, it is better to bet on short and simple sentences.

4.      analytical approach. The author should not only express his opinion, but also argue his position on the basis of factual material.

5.      Conciseness. There is no official limitation on the length of the text, but there is an unwritten rule that the essay should be short.

6.      Free construction. There is no framework under which to try on an essay. The author himself determines the order of presentation, based on his own logic and facts.

7.      Logic of presentation. The text must have an inner unity, and be consistent with all the statements of the author.


The main feature of the essay is a special style of narration, the main purpose of which is to make the reader think about a certain problem. The author does not impose his point of view on anyone, but only invites the reader to read it more carefully.


How to write an essay correctly


To write a good essay, it is important to know and understand all the features of the genre. You can create an interesting essay only if you follow all the principles and recommendations below.


The choice of theme


Typically, instructors provide students with a list of topics to choose from. However, at some universities, only the general direction is given, and students must choose the appropriate topic themselves. To choose the right topic, you must first determine which audience the essay should be designed for. This may be teachers, a research committee, or employers. In the case of teachers, it is important to determine in advance by what criteria the text will be evaluated. 

The author must be competent in the chosen topic, and use the text to demonstrate to the inspector such qualities as originality, literacy and professionalism. If the instructor did provide a list of topics, then it is best to choose one in which you have some knowledge and which you find most interesting. If the role of the inspector is performed by the employer, then the author of the essay in the text should reflect such qualities as sincerity, humanity, as well as individuality.


Where does the work on the essay begin?


Often, people who have sufficient eloquence and are able to express their thoughts well, do not know where to start an essay. Too long reflection on the beginning weakens the enthusiasm of the author and overshadows the process of creative work. How to start an essay correctly:

Before starting to write an essay, it is necessary to formulate an idea, define the main purpose of the written work, and select quality sources.

It is possible to use free-writing techniques, i.e. free writing. The essence of the method is to describe all the thoughts that come to mind, without following the grammar and punctuation. This method is often used by writers who are unable to overcome the creative crisis.

It is not necessary to dwell on the introductory part. You can start writing the main part at once, and then, with a clear understanding of the main idea of the essay, write the introduction.

Some experts recommend to start an essay with a question, the answer to which will be given in the text.

Drawing up an essay plan


You do not need to try to make a perfect plan at once, because it is simply impossible to do it.


All the more so because in the process of work the plan will be repeatedly edited. Frankly speaking, it is not necessary to draw up a plan at all, because it is the absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks is the main advantage of this type of written work. If the author is a supporter of the work according to the plan, it is certainly possible to make it.

First of all, it is necessary to write the main thoughts of an essay - they will serve as points of the plan. Then, each item should be broken down into several more sub-items.

Finally, you should reread the plan and make sure that each of its items is sufficiently detailed and the structure is logical and concise.


What is the structure of the essay?


As a rule, an essay consists of three main parts:

The introductory part - an essay is a type of written work, and all of them are known to contain an introductory part or an introduction. The introductory part should interest the reader and make him or her read the article to the end. The introduction should necessarily contain the wording of the problem, a rhetorical question or a quote. It is important that the reader immediately understands what the problem is.

The main part - in this section, it is necessary to give several points of view and also to tell the history of the problem. As a rule, the main part consists of several sub-items. And already the subparagraphs, in turn, consist of three sections: thesis, justification and conclusion.

Conclusion - the main task of this section is to combine the conclusions for each thesis presented in the main part. Everything should be presented in such a way that the reader, based on the arguments presented, would come to a single logical conclusion. If the purpose of the introduction is to interest the reader, then the main task of the conclusion is to evoke certain emotions and encourage the reader to think.

How to write a brilliant essay for top universities


Admission to the world's best universities is a long way to go, during which you need to earn good grades, gain maximum English proficiency, develop your talents, and of course, write a brilliant essay that will attract the attention of the admissions committee.

So how to write an essay that will be a pass to the top universities of the world, is there a template or a certain scheme? Unfortunately, there is no specific answer to this question. However, there are a few tips that can be followed to write a really brilliant and effective essay. Why should an essay be given special attention?

According to representatives of admissions committees of Ivy League universities, it is an essay that can fully characterize an applicant. The essay, in their opinion, is the brightest document of the whole package of provided papers. It is through your essay that admissions officers will try to see you in the present and determine what you are and what is important to you in life. As is well known, universities submit papers with excellent grades to the TOP. Thousands of applicants have a higher academic and linguistic score. But of these thousands, the commission tries to single out only the dozens that are clearly different and stand out from the grey masses. This is the goal to be pursued when writing an essay in the first place.


In addition, this essay shows the members of the admissions committee how you can present yourself, how you assess yourself, analyze yourself, and present information. All of this information can tell a lot more about you than you think. After you read the paper, the Admissions Office forms a personal opinion about you that greatly affects your chances of admission.


What to write about, and what questions to ask.


Each university may require you to answer certain questions in your essay. However, there are some of the most common questions that are most commonly asked in top university requirements:

  •        Do you have a hobby and what do you do in your spare time? Do you have any talents?
  •        Which relatives/knowns have influenced your life? How did you spend your vacation?
  •        Describe your best day in life. How has your life changed in the last 3-5 years?
  •       What are your achievements that make you proud? What makes you different from others?
  •       What is your most important character trait?
  •        What is your life philosophy? What was the most challenging task in your life?
  •       Are you a leader, and how does it manifest itself?
  •       What are your plans for the future?
  •       What course do you want to study and why?
  •       Is there more information that you want to tell about yourself?


How to make an essay unique


According to experts, many students do not pass qualifying rounds in the top universities of the world precisely because of the consistency and lack of originality of their essays. This does not mean that they rewrote an essay on the Internet and sent it to the university. It means that the essay does not cover unique topics. For example, most people write about their impressions of traveling with their parents, their passion for sports or about a book from world classics. All this has long been described and is not interesting at all for the admissions committee.

Of course, it is good if you have unique achievements in sports, but to surprise the university representatives, you must be an Olympic champion. Therefore, find a different approach in the description of your talent. Show passion, emotions, paint your essay with bright colors so that the reader can clearly imagine your feelings and your fire.

Choose interesting and unexpected cases to answer your questions. For example, on the question who influenced your life the most, many cite the example of parents and teachers. Step away from stereotypes. Remember, maybe there was a really interesting moment in your life that you just forgot about. Remember your childhood, maybe the neighbor's old man chased you away from his apple tree, calling you a thief and an ignoramus, and after that you decided to get a good education and your life has changed?


How to pay attention to yourself


The best way to pay attention to yourself is to be yourself. When writing your essay, the last thing you should think about is what the committee members will think about you. Choose topics that are close to you and that evoke emotion in you. Listen to yourself, your essay should be imbued with sincerity and meaning. Many applicants make a fatal mistake by describing mediocre and superficial information. You should write in such a way that people reading your essay can reflect on your actions, motivations and desires.


Another important point to draw the commission's attention to your essay is an introduction. You should start your essay so that it would want to read further, so that the members of the commission did not have a desire to postpone the sheet and go to lunch. The introduction should cling to it. For example, as a performance, write, what you are afraid of and how you try to overcome your fear. Forget about standard styles of presentation. There is no need to write as if you are writing a synopsis. Use an original style of communication. However, avoid specialized vocabulary and a lot of jokes. Remember that abroad your humor can be incomprehensible. Be sure to show an example of your personal growth. Take a separate situation, write how difficult it was for you to solve it and how you were able to find a way out.


Be sure to describe what you have learned from it and how your life has changed since then. This information will help the commission see how you have changed, how you have grown over yourself, and how you have assessed your chances of studying at university. Remember, no one needs students who do not want to grow and overcome themselves.


The endings are also important in your writing. The best solution for completing an essay is to implement the thought in the reader's mind. This will draw attention to you and make the commission members remember you.


Buying an essay is easy and simple

One of the most difficult tasks that students from different faculties face is writing an essay. By this work is meant a small essay in which the author expresses his own opinion. In this case, it is important to preserve the scientific style of narration.

Often, for such an essay is given very complex topics, the reflection on which is not easy. It is impossible to write off a ready essay, but you can order it from specialists. If you do not have time for independent work, or have tried many times unsuccessfully to write it beautifully, it is not a problem. A number of companies offer to buy it to order from experienced specialists at low cost.

Order an essay inexpensively and quickly

The advantages of cooperation with professionals are obvious:

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If the work to order is performed urgently, the quality of writing does not suffer. Employees have extensive experience in creating quality essays on various topics in an emergency mode. 

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Help in writing an essay for students

Most training courses in schools and universities include homework assignments such as essays. This is to develop creative thinking and writing skills. An essay is written according to a predetermined plan, and the form of writing usually depends on the type of composition itself - it can be:

  1. reasoning,
  2. description,
  3. storytelling,
  4. literary text analysis,
  5. comparison of literary features of images or concepts.

Essays, as a type of student writing, are required at institutions to find out, for example, whether the student has understood the material read or can construct logical concepts on the topic. These exercises help develop writing and speaking skills.

Essays in any direction. The author himself determines the sequence and style of presentation of thoughts, and most importantly - expresses his subjective opinion on the discussed problem. The main purpose of writing an essay is self-esteem, as well as the thinking of the reader or his dialogue.

The cost of the essay to order

How much does it cost to write a model of an essay to order? The answer to this question is very simple: customer care - reasonable prices and extensive services. Do you have no time to write or do you not know exactly how to write such texts? You will be provided with assistance in writing an essay.

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  • Sociology,
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  • Other directions.

You will get a cheap essay written just for you, without copying. Texts meet all requirements and the highest standards. You can make everything online: from ordering services to payment. Write and clarify the terms of cooperation with an essay writer.

All companies work through the Internet. All you need to do is log in to our website and place an order via the application form to get help in writing an essay. Write an essay to order cheaply, without leaving your apartment. Buying an essay has never been so easy. 

In the world education system, including American universities, essays are considered one of the most common types of written homework:

First, about one-third of all coursework is designed for self-study, and small written assignments are a convenient and quick tool for controlling what a student has learned.

Second, such tasks teach students to reason, to draw conclusions, and to express their point of view.

Write to the authors to discuss the purchase of an essay at a price that is 100% acceptable to you. You do not pay extra kopecks if you notice or correct any inconsistencies. Being able to write a good essay is very important in a student's life, but sometimes you need to have (Plan B), which will save valuable time and save you in a difficult situation.

What is an essay?


We are taught to write essays since childhood, from the first grades. You may not have suspected it, but those same essays on free topics ("How I spent the summer", "What I want to become", "What is school for me") is the first sample pen of a novice essayist. The first experience that you probably have.

Main features of the essay:

Small volume: two, three or ten pages - it's up to you. The main thing is to open the topic. And, of course, do not aim at an epic - no one will appreciate your efforts.

Free form: up to the spoken word. An essay does not claim to be scientific, does not require an introduction and conclusion, is not divided into chapters and paragraphs. As for stylistics, the author is left with complete freedom of creation. However, it is not necessary to switch to slang and make speech mistakes. Especially if you learn to be a linguist.

The presence of a specific topic, which reveals the essay. The topic can be any - from "What I want to become when I grow up" (you remember these essays) to "The main cause of problems with the employment of a young professional". If you want to be published in the local newspaper, choose a specific question. If you are writing on a given topic, be kind - disclose it.

Subjectivity: the author's personality is the main thing. Remember: you do not claim the truth in the last instance. You express your personal opinion. And you are not obliged to disclose the topic to the end.

Novelty: say a new word on the topic. The main thing is that this word is yours. There is no need for propistive truths. Believe me, your readers have long been sick of "university is the second home", "my main dream is peace in the world" and the like.

Honesty: record your thoughts and emotions on the subject. Of course, if you hate your native university or get a job in a large company only because of money and "buns", your honesty is unlikely to be appreciated. In other cases, the subjective view will be much more interesting for readers than praise odes.

Who do they write essays for?

Let's leave aside essays of publicists, philosophers, doctors of sciences and writers. We still need to grow to these heights. On the student's agenda is an essay as a test work in the university and as an alternative to the interview. 

Thus, the main (sometimes the only) reader is the teacher or employer.

What is evaluated in an essay?

The ability to correctly formulate thoughts and write without mistakes is, of course, good. Moreover, it is a matter of course. Maybe the employer will miss one or two mistakes, but the text written in some way, even without checking in Word, will not characterize you in the best way.

The form and style for the essay are rather secondary. Yes, the creative can be liked by the employer. But if the text is exclusively uppercase truths, your efforts will be lost for nothing.

The content is the main thing. Your ideas, thoughts, emotions - this is what interests the reader. This is why you write an essay.

The essay describes you, your personality, your skills, your temperament and character. Careful handwriting (if you give up your work in writing), no mistakes, ideal style will characterize you as a responsible, diligent person. An unusual form will show your creativity. The clear structure and consistent articulation of your thoughts will point to rationality, concentration and logic. Finally, a grain of negativity will tell the employer about your honesty and courage.

Is it worth learning to write an essay and how to do it properly?

StudĐľnt may find it surprising to be unable to write on a given topic. But there is also such a thing. If you have ordered all your school essays for money or safely rolled them off the Internet, an essay may seem like an unattainable peak. There is no need to despair. Write it the way you would do it for a blog. Reread it, correct everything you need, give it to a friend for inspection.

To order an essay is worth only if you do not have time, and the topic makes you sad. Essays are not always readable, alas. Sometimes written essays are needed "for the tick". However, it is on such works that you should learn - the ability to intelligently express your thoughts will still be useful.


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